2018-19 Orientation

Orientation Handouts

1. CTEP Administrative Duties

2. CTEP Contacts

3. What CTEP Can Do for You-Welcome Sheet

4. Suspected Child Abuse Report Form

The four documents above were handed out at orientation - those documents and additional ones can all be downloaded on the following links below at needed.

Administration and Staff

    Administrative Duties and Responsibilities (pdf)

    Staff Contact List (pdf)

Driving and Timesheets

    Authorization to Drive a Organization Vehicle Hold Harmless Form 071614 (pdf)

    Authorization to Drive COE Vehicle 071614 (pdf)

    Supplemental Timesheet - Certificated (pdf)

    Certificated Attendance Timesheet (pdf)

Student Registration

    Student Registration (pdf)

    Emergency Card (pdf)

Mandatory Reporting

    CPS Report Form (pdf)


    Instructions for Requisitioning Items (pdf)

    Purchase Order Request Form (pdf)

    Textbook Request Form (pdf)

    Warrant Order Request Form (pdf)


    Role of the CTEP Counselor (pdf)

    What CTEP Can Do for You (pdf)

    Career Actvities reminder (pdf)

    Articulated Courses (pdf)

    A-G and Articulated Courses (pdf)

    Career Panels Request(pdf)

    YFIOB-Industry Sectors and Career Pathways (pdf)

    College Night 1st Monday in November

    Williams Act Notice (pdf)